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Adjust your Soltime
A patented product with a gold medal obtained at the Internation exhibition in Geneva, the clock country.

Soltime®, a new concept of clock!

A new kind of sundial, Soltime® gives on a 24 hour dial, the standard time, the solar time and the sunrise and the sunset phases.

The unique hand of this clock will tell in a funny way in which part of the day you are, by showing a sun during the day and a moon during the night.

There is a Soltime for everyone's lifestyle and taste. Soltime® comes in various ATMOSPHERES:
- Nature
- Design
- Nautical
- Nomad
- Travel
- NEW : The Little Prince Collection by Soltime (Le Petit Prince ™© Succession Antoine de Saint-Exupéry - 2006)
- or Custom

A decorative, attractive and informative clock, Soltime® is a high quality product, which attracts the nature lovers, the followers of trends of decoration, those who constantly want to learn new things but also the researchers of unique gifts.

Click herei to learn more about the legal time and the solar time and to know how to read a Soltime

Did you know ?

For those who wants to know more about the standard time, the solar time and other astronomical phénomena to which Soltime® gives an answer, Click here .